Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ross Haul

I recently made a trip to Ross to check out what they had. I mainly go to Ross for perfume, bags, and home decor. So what I got may not come as a surprise to you! No home decor for me today but I did find a few gems in the store. Here are all the beauts I got the other day. Enjoy!

The first thing I picked up was right buy the entrance. Yes, I fell for their plan but hey! This candle smells amazing. I feel like it can be hard to find a candle that is purely just the scent of apples. They always mix it with something else so when I saw this was just plain apple scented I snatched it right up. It was a whooping $2.99. ~ Oh my! (It retails for $6)  I wish that there were more of these at their store, I would had bought them all. I'm burning it as I write this and I love it! It smells so fruity and it's making me kind of hungry...

I found this adorable Steve Madden satchel over in their purse section and I freaked! In case you didn't know, Steve Madden is one of my all-time favorite designers. So when I saw this bag I just about had a heart attack. It was love at first sight. It retails for $68 and I was lucky enough to get it for $29.99. My Mother is a sweetheart and was actually the one to purchases it. ~ Thanks Mom!

Just wait guys. Although the front of the bag is stunning, the back and bottom are really what got me.

It's a bright mint color!

Not sure if you can tell from the photo but my walls are painted the same color as the bag. That indication should let you know it's pretty much my favorite color. I've never owned a color block purse before and I'm glad this one could be my first.

It has gold detailing and the lining is a black and white chevron print.

 I have a wallet by Steve Madden that matches it perfectly. It's meant to be!

The only piece on clothing I got on my trip was this number by a brand called Meraki. Never heard of the brand before but I love the shirt. The tag says it's a size small but I normally wear a L-XL and it's huge on me! I think it's meant to be a one-size fits all kind of garment. It retails for $24.99 and I paid $11.99 for it.

It's a maroon, high-low, chiffon like shirt with a scoop neckline and it's actually really flattering. I think it would look good on almost every body type. When I went in to try it on I was afraid it would look a bit like a muumuu but it didn't! It's quite long in the back. All it needs is some black jeans, a skinny belt and were good to go.

*I'm sorry about the terrible photos. They give it no justice but it was extremely hard to photograph without it just looking like a big piece of flowy fabric.

Something I like to do every time I go to Ross is try out at least one new perfume I haven't bought before. This trip was no exception.

It took me a while of walking back and forth to the rack where they hold all their perfume but I finally decided on two. The first one I got was Lucky You by Lucky Brand. I've never tried anything by the brand outside of their jeans. ~ Which are great! When I saw this, then saw that it was marked down to only $14.99 I was like YES. Mine. Gimme.

It's always a surprise what it'll smell like and what the bottle will look like, which is why I like to buy them from Ross. Also the price in unbelievably low. This 3.7 fl. oz. bottle was originally $54. That's insane!

I lucked out with this one because I adore the scent and the bottle design. Score!

I think that the raised print on the glass is so cool and a very cute touch. One side says "Lucky Brand" with a "Luck You" in the middle and the other side has a four-leaf clover of course. What I couldn't really photograph was that the sides say "America's" & "Favorite".

The second perfume I found while searching through the shelves was Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana! Are you kidding me? I must of smelt this perfume in Sephora at least ten times, dreaming I could afford it. Well thanks to Ross, now I could.

It's a pretty small bottle at only .84 fl. oz. but I was not about to pass it up. I did contemplate whether or not I should buy it but as you can see...I did. It retails for $52 and I paid $37.99. It was still quite expensive but totally worth it. I love this scent.

I think the bottle is very classy too. I'm a sucker for design and I love the clouded glass and reflective print on the bottle. I think it's fun to build up a collection of different perfumes. They are all so pretty and can add a fun vibe to your beauty station.

Thank you all so much for reading my post today. I hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment down below telling me something you've purchased recently that you love!

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Stay brilliant world.


  1. I looooooove that Meraki shirt. I have it in gray and am seriously looking to get another for summer. I was in florida last year for my honey moon and found a Ross (which I had never heard of) where did you purchase your shirt?

  2. Love Ross !!
    Sadly there r none in Cleveland !!

    1. Oh no! I'm sorry to here that. Do you go when you're out of state? I find it's the best place to snag perfume at really cheap.