Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Sandals You Need This Summer

When it comes to Summer, sandals are the way to go. From heeled to flat, there's always a pair of sandals that'll match your outfit just right. I dug through pages of shoes on all my favorite sites and these ten are what I came up with. I love to experiment with tons of different shoes during the Summertime. Enjoy!

1 ($89) || 2 ($70) || 3 ($118) || 4 ($60) || 5 ($118) || 6 ($18)

My taste when it comes to Summer shoes is neons and boho. I'm a sucker for embellishments and rhinestones. I'm also on the complete opposite side and love to have a few simple pairs in my wardrobe. You'd be surprised how easy it is to style bright, colorful, shoes during the season. The main thing to remember is to just have fun with what you wear! If you're confident in it, who cares what everyone else thinks? Take pair number five on this list for example. These beautiful Miss KG heels are really out there and in your face, but I love them! The huge neon green rhinestones would look great with a simple navy or baby pink shift dress. For me, shoes are almost always the focus of my outfit. There are an good way to express yourself and spice up an outfit at the same time.

7 ($150) || 8 ($300) || 9 ($90) || 10 ($125)

Speaking of spicing up an outfit, check out these stunning shoes from Steve Madden's collaboration with Iggy Azalea! (Number seven) They are my favorite off of the entire list. I can't keep my eyes off them. Whether it's their bright coral color or perfect amount of heel, all I know is I need them asap. But at $150 they may not be anywhere in my near future, unfortunately. 

I hope you guys like this little list of Summer sandals I came up and maybe have a few added to your shoe wishlist now! I'm sure your shoe game is strong and that you'll be have a ton of fun in the sun this Summer. Thank you so much for reading my post.

Stay brilliant world.

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