Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Haul

So if you didn't hear about it from the various commercials, dozens of ads, and thousands of blog posts, Lilly Pulitzer and Target came together to create a stunning collection! It was full of a ton of cute clothing, from rompers to swimsuits and everything in between. I was very lucky when it came to this lovely collection for the main fact that I work at Target. I was jumping up and down when I finally got to see all the products in person on Saturday morning. Everything was so vibrant and fun! ~Of course! Unfortunately I had to work this morning, so my only chance to buy anything was on my lunch. I actually managed to snatch up a few items before we were completely out of stock. I'll link everything I can down below but Target is already completely sold out online so you'll have to go to your nearest Target to see if they have anything left. Enjoy!

I bought it in store for $15. Click here for more details.

The first thing that caught my eye was this iPhone 6 Plus case. I'm obsessed! The pattern name is call Fan Dance. I was so happy that they actually made a few cases that fit my phone. It's hard to find affordable, stylish cases for the 6 plus. It has a more muted color scheme and I love it. I really wanted a case in the pattern See Ya Later but they didn't have a size that would fit my phone. I'm not complaining at all though. I'm so pleased I even got my hands on this. We only got two of each pattern in stock at my store and the cases went fast!

I bought it in-store for $22. Click here for more details.

 The fact that I was able to get a phone case before they were all gone was a big deal, but getting clothing was a huge deal! We had a line outside our door and the second it turned 8 o'clock the doors opened and the guests piled in. Luckily, everyone was civil and calm for the most part. Not going to lie though, I did see one guest throwing handfuls of clothes and accessories over her arm. It was a tad overwhelming but still a fun morning. Anyway, back to the shirt. I got a top in the pattern Nosie Posey. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite pattern but this one is definitely in my top five. It's sort of a babydoll style top and it's super flattering. The colors of this shirt make me happy, which is what Lilly Pulitzer is all about! The v-neckline is classy and cute but adds a slight sexiness to it. My favorite part of the entire shirt is the zipper in the back, scroll down below to see a photo of it. I'll definitely be sporting this all summer. Can't wait for all the looks I'm going put together with this shirt. There will be many OOTD's involving this piece in the near future. Pardon my amateur photo below, I was losing sunlight. ~Oh no!

Look how cute the pull in the back is! It's an adorable little gold pineapple.

I bought it in-store for $26. Click here for more details.

The last thing I got was another shirt. I know, whaaaat?! This along with the other shirt I bought were the last one of their kind. Which in this case was a blessing and a curse. I think the colors and pattern of this shirt are beautiful and the neckline is insanely flattering. It's in the pattern Sea Urchin for You. How cute? The only unfortunate thing is, it's an XXL and it's quick wide around the waist. It's definitely passable. Since the style of the shirt is flowy in the first place it still looks really good. It'll be perfect for going to out to dinner in the chance I eat too much and want to hide my belly. ~Let's be real, it happens to the best of us. It's not the perfect fit but because I am who I am, I still decided to buy it because it was the last one and because of my love for the color. I think I made the right choice getting it, all it needs is some skinny jeans and I'm good to go. I can't get over how cute the pattern is either. Time to grab my sandals and head to the beach! Oh wait, they have those in the collection too.

This doesn't really count as something I bought for my mini haul but I got one of the posters that was part of the display. I just thought it was such a pretty sign!

Leave a comment down below telling if me you got your hands on anything from the collection and if so, what? I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thank you so much for reading.

Stay brilliant world.

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