Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Project 7 Champagne Gummy Bears

So a while back champagne gummies became a huge thing. I first heard about them from BuzzFeed, you can read their article here. They featured Rosé flavored gummies from the company Sugarfina. They are definitely one of the most talked about flavors on the market.

There is a Sugarfina located near me, in Seattle, but today I opted for a less expensive alternative. I do plan on one day stopping by Sugarfina to try out some of their beloved sweets. Today however, I bought some Brut & Rosé Gourmet Gummies by Project 7 from my local Target store.

They retail for around $4.50. If you're interested in trying them yourself I recommend picking them up at Target before they are discontinued! I found mine over in the Christmas/Seasonal section, so I'm assuming they won't be a permanent item.

Click here to find out other products Project 7 offers!

Now for a review on the taste. The Rosé flavored one was LIT. Pardon my lack of the use of an actual word but that is the only thing I can say to describe it. It was delicious. What a wonderful idea for a flavor of gummy bear.

I will say, the Brut one was good but not my favorite. Not because it was poor tasting but more so the fact I'm not completely a fan of the taste in the first place. Nevertheless I still say you should try them out. It's always so strangely satisfying tasting things that are not in their usual form. I.e. a solid in liquid form or vice versa. They were definitely worth the $5 dollars I dished out and if they're still around when I run out I may grab another bag. 

I'm curious to see what my friends and family think of them. I plan on sharing them around to hear everyone's opinion.

Project 7 is actually a pretty cool company. Please read their "Mission" that is posted on their website. It tells all about what they stand for as a company and well, what their mission is as a whole.

Here are a few facts about their products as well! All of their products are 90% organic and non GMO.  They have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Lastly, everything they sell is made right here in America!

Thank you for stoping by to read my quick little review and taste test of Project 7's Champagne Gummies. Feel free to leave a comment down below telling me if you have ever tried any uniquely flavored sweets and how you felt about them! Much love and stay brilliant.



  1. I really like Project 7, and it's cool to see them branching or more and more. Their gum flavors are fantastic, too, even the ones you might not think would be, like the birthday cake.

    1. I love their products. I like that they think of fun and creative flavors.

  2. By and large champagne sustenance ought to be sweet, for example, chocolates and other fun pastries. wine clubs