Friday, November 25, 2016

Making Spirits Bright Tasting Event

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today I wanted to make a photo diary type post about a local tasting event I recently went to. As you can see from the poster above the event was held on the 19th of November at a lovely place in Snohomish, Washington called Dairyland.

The venue was calming and beautifully decorated. It was a barn, but you almost couldn't tell because of the aesthetic. I really enjoyed it. There was also a fire pit with seating outside the barn as well as a couple of food trucks. One being the "Big Dogs" food truck. 

My favorite drink from the night was without a doubt a mixture that It's 5 made with their Eve's Apple Pie Moonshine and a whipped cream flavored vodka. It was so good! I used most of my remaining tickets on it after the first sample. 

Every distillery there had wonderful products and I very much enjoyed taste testing each one of them. The event was an overall great experience and I would definitely attend it again next year if they choose to hold it. The venue was dimly lit so pardon the lack of light in of some of my photos. Feel free to browse my photos of the event down below.


Thank you for checking out my post today! There are many more to come and I hope you come back soon. Leave a comment down below telling me what one of you favorite local distillers are or one of your favorite drinks of all time. Much love and stay brilliant.

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