Tuesday, November 22, 2016

8 Pairs Of Quirky Socks You Need Right Now

Hello beauties! Today I wanted to come to you with a list I've compiled of amazingly quirky socks I found while scavenging the internet.

I figured with Christmas being around the corner, these socks would be great gift ideas or socking stuffers for the loved ones in your life. Whether they be used as a gag gift or be given to some one who say, genuinely loves a cat in a bowtie, they will make a fun and creative gift this holiday season.

I chose eight different pairs down below. These are just some of the few I wanted to showcase but there are many more silly socks floating around on tons of websites. I picked mine from Forever 21, Asos, and Target. Now let's take a look, shall we?

Unicorn $10 | Bowtie Cat $1.50 | Unicorn Cat $1.50 | Chick $2.90 

Can we just take a moment to talk about these Unicorn socks from Asos? What is life? These are ridiculous and I absolutely love them! They're the priciest pair in my list today coming in on sale at $10, regularly $12.50. If you know someone who would fall in love with these magical socks, or maybe you yourself want a pair, I'd snag them up before the sale ends!

Also, look how they come packaged. WHAT?! I may just be a bit of a goon but I can't handle how awesome they are. I've not even a huge fan of unicorn-themed things but something about walking around with wonderfully ridiculous socks on under my shoes is enticing to me. It's like a fun secret. Like yeah I have cheeseburgers on my feet, but you'll never know.  ( ‾ʖ̫‾)

Sushi $2.90 | Cheeseburger $1.90 | Tacos $1.90 | Sliding Penguins $2.90

Whatever animal or food you are looking for, I've sure there are a pair of socks somewhere on the internet with that print, that you can buy. I hope you enjoyed reading my post today and maybe found a pair you might want to get. If you don't want to purchase anything online I definitely recommend going to your local Target store and checking out what they have. I own a bright orange pair with pretzels on them that I got from Target. Not sure why, but I fell in love and decided I wanted them immediately. They are also only around $1-$2 there so you're not making a huge investment.

I'll be compiling more lists of cool things "You Need Right Now" in the near future so be sure to follow my blog to be notified when they go up. Leave a comment down below letting me know which pair out of the eight that you like best. Thanks for stoping by. Much love and stay brilliant.

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