Saturday, May 16, 2015

All About Stripes

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Lately I've found myself wanting to swap out some older garms for new striped pieces. I love stripes! It's hard not too when if you do them right, they can be flattering on any body type.

Being a plus sized girl, you'd think I was afraid of the horizontally lined fabric but it's quite the opposite. Every piece is going to fit you differently. Some will be winners and some will be losers. My point is that either way, you should never be afraid to try them out. You'd be surprised by how many things you think would look horrible, that would actually look stunning on you!

I picked out a few items I've been lusting over from my favorite sites. Check them out and tell me what you think!

Crop tops are a subtle and easy way to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe. Personally, I'm all about striped swing dresses. They scream style and are insanely comfortable for day to day wear. My favorite piece from the photos above would have to be the Striped Sweater from Free People. ~ It looks so cozy! What's your favorite?

Scarf | Socks
Isn't this scarf the cutest thing ever? It's only $8.90 so get it while you can!
How do you feel about stripes? 

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