Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bite Beauty Obsessed

So a few posts ago in my Sephora Haul  I briefly talked about my new lip crayon from Bite Beauty. I've been using it almost every day now for about a week and guys...I'm OBSESSED! I honestly cannot get enough of it.

I've worn it to work a few times and every time someone has pointed out that they like how my makeup looked, especially my lip color.

I got the shade Léché in-store for $24, you can grab it here!
This color is killer. It goes so well with my everyday eye makeup look. I love the shade so much but I really want to go back and pick up a few more! I'd love to try out Tatin and Glacé.

Frasier looks like a nice take on a classic red, too.

All in all, I've quickly fallen in love with this product and will definitely be dishing out some more cash to get a couple other colors.

I completely recommend you try out these lip crayons if your into a matte finish. I thought I liked MAC's matte lipsticks best, but now I'm torn. ~ MAC still wins when it comes to scent though. Their lip products smell like candy corn!

Yep, that's me after an eight hour shift at work. I only reapplied once! (After lunch of course.) 

Have you guys ever tried any Bite Beauty products? How did you feel about them? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.
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Stay brilliant world.

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