Thursday, March 26, 2015

Forever 21 Hidden Gems - Outerwear Edition

We've all heard about Forever 21, right? It's a fairly inexpensive American retail store. I personly find I like a big majority of the items the store offers. That being said, it has definitely racked up some "haters" for lack of a better word. I agree, some of the things they sell are pretty low quality. That has never been the case however, with outerwear I've purchased from them. Today I have a list of what I find to be hidden gems within the Forever 21 website. Let me know if you agree down in the comments below. Tell me if you have a favorite from all the jackets I picked out!

Buy this Snap Collar Moto Jacket in mint, light blue, or pink, for $24.90 here.

Let's start out with the least expensive of everything I picked. This is their Snap Collar Moto Jacket in the color Mint. First off, I'm obsessed with this color. It's so cute! The fact that it's more of a pastel mint than an in-your-face green color is perfect. I think you have to be a little careful when styling jackets of this color and they did a lovely job with the model's outfit. This is definitely a gem for it only costing $25. Grab it up before it's completely out of stock.

Buy this Faux Leather-Trimmed Marled Coat for $49.80 here.

Forever 21 stepped up their game with this one. This coat is my favorite from the list. As you can see it's a bit more costly at $49.80 but with the price going up, so did the quality. I've tried this on in person and loved it. They are changing their company as we know it when it comes to the amazing jackets they offer now. This coat is insanely stylish. You'd be turning heads left and right if you sported this in public. I highly urge you to at least look at the other photos of this on their website. Understandably, it's not going to be everyone's style. If you are at all interested in buying it, I'd go to a Forever 21 near you and try it out. You want to make sure the cut/fit is flattering on your body before dishing out $50.

Buy this Quilted & Hooded Utility Jacket for $62.80 here.

This is the most expensive of all the outerwear pieces I picked today. I like this one because I'm drawn to coats with faux leather sleeves. The quilted pattern is a plus too. The olive color would fit effortlessly into my wardrobe but they also offer it in navy if that's more you're style. It has a removable lining and a hood, which is nice. Where I live it could rain any given day so investing in this jacket, even though summer is creeping up on us, would still be a smart choice. What's the weather like were you live? Do you want to fight rain in style with this beauty? I know I do.

Buy this Distressed Denim Jacket for $37.90 here.

Who wouldn't want the addition of a perfectly distressed denim jacket to their closet? No one, I hope. I have about 5 denim jackets in my collection but none of them are distressed. Which leaves me wanting this even more. You can so easily style denim, so it's perfect for people new to the world of fashion. If you don't feel like forking over $38 then you could always hit up a thrift store and find your own to destroy. If you're anything like me though, you're far too lazy for that. This jacket would work great for people going for a boho or grunge vibe. If that's you, go get it!

Buy this Classic hooded Utility Jacket in Olive for $29.90 here.

Last in the line is this stunning Utility Jacket from the plus section of Forever 21. If you didn't know they carried plus sizes now you do! There are so many cute things in the Forever 21+ section. Take a peek if you're a curvy fashionista looking for some new pieces. I have a jacket very similar to this that I got from Target. It's a bit longer though. I stand at 5'7" and the back nearly reaches my knees. The Anorak I'm talking about unfortunately is sold out but I'll link a similar one here
Remember to always skim the websites of your favorite stores. You never know just what you'll find. Comment down below other sites I should check out for future installments of this series. Thank you for reading.

 Stay brilliant world.

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